There are many different ways of spending a Sunday. To me every day is a new day of opportunities and excitement and I love the possibility of having more time for things that I love. In any case there are some elements of the day that remain untouched.

Yoga class Routine

Yoga allows me to start my day with mindfulness while waking up my spirit, mind and body. Whether it is a short Salutations or a full Ashtanga series at the end the inner feeling of joy puts the great start to any continuation of the day.

The Green Cocktail Routine 

After yoga the green cocktail is just the right mixture to further clean my body from toxins and energise with vitamins. Over years I have elaborated my own recipe. In just 5 minutes my joyful breakfast is done. And now time to explore the day!

Recipe for 2 people 

30 ml of water

150 grams of spinach

100 grams of lettuce

1/4 of lime

1 piece of celery

Blend the mix and add

1 large green pear

1 large green apple Granny Smith

1 banana

Blend again and enjoy! 


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