This Saturday together with over 100 invited guests Simplifi raised 3500 EUR during its first charity auction IFEMME co-founded with a fine-art photographer Viet Ha Tran. The Auction was held at the Embassy of Vietnam and led by Duran Auction House. The lot consisted of fine art photography developed and presented last year by Viet Ha Tran and Simplifi.

The auctioned 20 pieces of fine art photography pictured educated women of different backgrounds in their national clothes and white shirts by Simplifi. Through the symbolic white shirts, IFEMME showcases modern, independent, liberal and successful women of the 21st century, who are the owners of their destiny while still maintaining their cultural identity.

“IFEMME is another step we take to change the world. With a social DNA the white shirt brand Simplifi is producing its shirts at a small manufacturing in Ukraine named Barvysta, which not only provides adequate labor opportunities for women, however, also directs all funds to reskill and educated women.” – shares Tetyana Kretova, co-founder of Simplifi and IFEMME.

With the raised funds donated to an international Foundation that runs girls’ literacy programs Room To Read Simplifi will already change life of 10 girls, who will be able to go to school for a year.

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