When you have found what you need you know it. And there are no more doubts.

Business ladies on the move will understand me on the exciting struggle of changing countries when one of the most difficult aspects is regaining routines. That moment of trying to find the comfort of life with all the things that are normally taken for granted on the established daily basis.

In moments like these it helps reminding own self that out of the comfort zone state is the way to grow. However, suddenly finding the situation of having to discover your new life with all the nail studios and hair dos, dry cleaners and fruit stores, coffee shops… is definately an exciting moment of building routines from scratch. And yet with its moments of desperate frustration through which we realise once again our happiness recipe as until the key ingredients are in.

My key ingredient was to find yoga. Not an easy task for someone who had the same beloved teacher during years… It took me some time and tested my patience and determination, however, today I can confirm that I finally found the place. My studio style individual practice, which takes me to the new level of building confidence in my own self. And now with all the uncertainties out there I feel complete. It also made me realize how important it is to take time internalizing to find that fundamental ingredient of happiness.

When you have found what you need you know it. Now it is time to move on.

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