Co-founder Tetyana Kretova

Simplifi is a Ukraine-born brand of white shirts with character for women true to themsleves. With values of social impact, sustainability and passion for life we aspire to empower women to go after their own dreams.

With the value of social impact Simplifi shirts are produced in Ukraine at the social enterprise Barvysta. Supported by OECD this organziation is employing women descriminated at the workplace. Additionally all profits of the enterprise are used to help women either in developing their professional skills or rendering services of social support from professionals.

In line with our value of sustainability our shirts are produced from the high quality cotton by one of the top century-old shirting brands Albini. This allows us to guarantee top quality over time as Simplifi shirts last more than 300 washes keeping their stunning look.

And finally inspired by real women Simplifi shirts build on the value of passion for life. The elegant contemporary cut highlights natural beauty and personal style of every woman. Sophisticated sizing based on key measurements and an option of anograms allows every woman to personalise her style.