How do I know the delivery status?

Right after purchasing the shirt you will automatically recieve a notification with the shipping date. In case of delay contact us via channel most convenient for you and we will find an immidiate solution.

Are you shipping to my location?

We are shipping all over the world. Price of delivery depends on the urgency and location varying between a day and 2 weeks.

How do I choose the size?

Our hand made shirts are tailored for the perfect fit. We account not only standard measurements of waist, chest and hips, however, also their correlation to your height. Hence, choosing a shirt please choose your measurements and we will make the perfect fit shirt.

What’s your return policy?

You can return your shirt within 14 days after purchasing. Please send us an email with details at

We are committed to provide the best customer experience. Contact us in the way convenient for you and we will make sure to get back with the answer in the shortest possible manner.

For help please contact us