While summer still pampers us with the sunlight the aroma of the fall is already sensed in the air. With that awakens the feeling of the new beginning and forgotten behind the summer nights office rush and the chatters of the City… it also brings the excitement of thoughts about all the shoes and business dress ups and the desire to refresh our wardrobes with few statement items. One of those key elements of the office wardrobe (not only business, however, this time we focus on that) is the white crispy shirt. And how do we choose the perfect match?

We at Simplifi clearly are the big white shirt lovers and are wearing them on every occasion be it the family moment on the countryside or a cocktail party as it is an easy to wear item that always guarantees that effortless stunning look. With all its simplicity though at times choosing the perfect white shirt is not that easy, hence, we decided to dedicate few articles to what should be the criteria of finding the perfect shirt. This time let’s speak about the basics:

  1. Quality natural fabric. We recommend a maximum compromise of 70/30 relation of natural and synthetic and in those cases when the shirt model requires a tight or slim fit. At the end the quality of the fabric defines not only the look of the shirt and personal comfort, however, also, the durability of the item. Hence, choosing your shirt pay attention to the stickers. Still, of course, there is more to the quality then just components. The way the fabric is produced (weaves and yarns – the length of the cotton) and the type of cotton used also has a significant stake. However, as non-textile experts how do we know which fabric is good and which is not? Our easy tip is price. In items below 70 EUR the quality of the fabric is far from top notch. With items at around 20 EURs already in 10 wears you will start noticing the change of the colour to yellow and complete loss of crispiness. In case of Simplifi when we say high quality fabric we refer to 300 wears, hence we produce only from Albini fabric. That’s what we guarantee.
  2. Quality production. Why the same classical model by different brands has such a different look? The devil is in the detail. Pay attention to those little things such as the thickness and size of the stitching, seamlessness of the row, quality of the nots. As a quick tip look on the inside part of the shirt. In good quality models it is as nicely done as the outside.
  3. Shirt model. First of all it is key to look at your wardrobe and reflect on your lifestyle to understand what type of shirt would fit best. As universal as the white shirt is most likely you would need a couple. We recommend to start with three: slim fit (WoMo), free fit (MyBoyfriend’s) and knee length (Assymetry). With the first two it is important to ensure that the shirts are of the length to allow you comfortable wearing with both high raise and low raise pants and skirts. Normally it should reach on the back to the mid hip. In case you are one of those in favour of the very low raise jeans get yourself a shirt-body.

Next time we will speak about the small, however, key element of the shirt – collar.

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